Live Stream & Preview : Filipina vs Indonesia

Saturday, December 18, 2010
Finally arrived back time for Indonesia to compete in the arena of AFF. This time, the opponent team is the Red-White dark horse Philippines. Indonesia seeded because the Philippines will hold two semi-final party at the Bung Karno, Jakarta. State of the Philippines does not have a decent stadium to be homeground.
Indonesia optimistic faction can beat the Philippines. This is because Indonesia has a good history when it met the Philippines. Of the 18 meetings since 1934, Red and White team has won 16 of whom, once the rest of the series and once lost. Even at the last meeting, December 23, 2002, Indonesia shave the Philippines 13-1.
But the new force should be wary of the Philippines. The team nicknamed The Azkals it has been transformed into a team with European color in Southeast Asia. This is not separated from their soccer organization policies menaturalisasi 9 players descent. As a result the Philippine squad today met European players bleed.
Philippines demonstrate football postures perfectly. They use tactics latch or bus parking during the preliminary round. Endure total by placing nine players on 16 meters around the box and relying on counter-attack with only two or three players backers. The result is brilliant, during the preliminary round they only conceded 1 goal and managed to subdue the host Vietnam hear net score of 2-0. Filipino young coach, Simon McMenemy know very well how to exploit the physical advantages of the players to implement tactics to survive the total. They built the fort proved very difficult to penetrate.
While coach Alfred Riedl has indicated that Indonesia will play against tonight. Although the total status as the host, but in this first semi-final match the Indonesian national team will act as a ‘guest’. So Red and White teams will try to score as much as possible. Because the AFF to revise regulations on away goals, which uses conventional FIFA rules, ie, away goals count more than the goal cage.
Players should be wary of Filipino descent are duet as James and Philip Younghusband, midfielder Christopher Greatwitch awl, anchor Jason De Jong, and goalkeeper Neil Etheridge. The most influential players in the squad Philippines today is Neil Etheridge. Who was a reserve goalkeeper third English team Fulham’s league is a tough goalie. British blood had inherited not just a sweetener. Refleknya quick and agile, and his game are always stable, in addition to the physical which is very supportive. Her presence is calming for the Philippine defense.
Indonesia, on the other hand, has a wing players are quick and nimble for tearing concrete fortress Philippines. Okto Maniani and M. Ridwan guaranteed to make the player escort him scrambling to survive the Philippines. Not to mention the existence of supersub Arif Suyono are likely to be re-inserted in the last 30 minute second half to give the effect of shock. When Irfan Bachdim be backed up by Riedl, then the front-line duo Red and White is a Christian Gonzalez and Bambang Pamungkas. Both are the target of a qualified man. Gonzalez is able to do keeping (holding) the ball in a long time and create opportunities in the penalty box with cleverness. He also often fall into the middle to pick up the ball when the supply stopped. Meanwhile, Bambang has advantages in terms of bait-bait breakthrough.
However, players who become the foundation of Indonesia for the match tonight was none other than the Word Utina. Playmaker who has just celebrated its anniversary is expected to master the midfield and into the shaft Indonesia to flow into the barrage attack defenses Philippines with one-two touches and unexpected movements. For defense, Indonesia can count on anchor Ahmad Bustomi as a counterweight. Word as a ‘brain’, Bustomi as ‘muscle’. The absence of these two central pillars give a significant impact on Indonesia rhythm game, like against Thailand yesterday.
Provided that both of these key players played steady, then the game tonight would certainly very exciting and tight!
In addition to excellence in the attack, the national team can also take advantage of open interest in GBK Garuda supporters of the famous haunted for the visitors. Supporters of Indonesia known as dynamic and active in providing support that can make opposing players hesitant. Moreover, not one Filipino player who has appeared in front of 80 thousand spectators. Mental factors will influence the final results of the match.
Head to head Indonesia vs Philippines:
May 19, 1934: Indonesia 2-3 Philippines
May 28, 1958: Indonesia 5-2 Philippines
Aug 29, 1962: Indonesia 6-0 Philippines
September 12, 1962: Philippines 0-9 Indonesia
Aug 7 1967: Indonesia 6-0 Philippines
8 Aug 1971: Philippines 1-3 Indonesia
1 Agu1972: Indonesia 3-0 Philippines
September 25, 1972: 12-0 Philippines Indonesia
November 23, 1977: Indonesia 1-1 Philippines
December 11, 1981: Philippines 0-2 Indonesia
Aug 12 1984: Indonesia 1-0 Philippines
July 22, 1987: Indonesia 2-0 Philippines
Aug 23, 1989: Indonesia 5-1 Philippines
November 30, 1991: Philippines 1-2 Indonesia
June 15, 1993: Indonesia 3-1 Philippines
October 12, 1997: Indonesia 2-0 Philippines
Aug 27, 1998: Indonesia 3-0 Philippines
November 6, 2000: Indonesia 3-0 Philippines
December 23, 2002: 13-1 Philippines Indonesia
The match last 3 AFF Indonesia in 2010:
Indonesia 5-1 Malaysia
Indonesia 6-0 Laos
Indonesia 2-1 Thailand
The match last 3 AFF Philippines in 2010:
Philippines 1-1 Singapore
Vietnam 0-2 Philippines
Myanmar 0-0 Philippines
Prediction of the Structure and Formation Players Indonesia vs Philippines:
Indonesia (4-4-2): 1-Mark, 3-Zulkifly, 5-Maman, 27-Hamka Hamza, 2-Nasuha, 10-Oktovianus, 19-A.Bustomi, 15-Word Utina, 22-Ridwan, 9 -C.Gonzales, 20-Bambang Pamungkas
Filipina (3-5-2): 1-N.Etheridge, 4-A.Del Rosario, 11-A.Borromeo, 2-R.Gier, 6-R.gener, 18-C.Greatwich, 17-De Jong, 7-James Younghusband, 27-Jonsson, 10-Philip Younghusband, 23-I.Araneta.


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